Macrotis: A Mother’s Journey is an indie, 2.5D puzzle-platformer game for PC for all audiences who are looking for a story-centric game in a magical ambience with a lot of puzzle solving.

Mother Bilby's Story

It had been two weeks since the rain started. At first they said it’s just a summer drizzle, it’ll pass soon, but the rain did not stop. It kept falling night and day without pause. First tiny puddles formed, then small ponds, and little by little everything was being covered by the water. The animals living above ground took refuge in the trees, but the ones living underground could do nothing but wait in fear.

Mother Bilby was fighting tooth and nail to save their underground burrow from being flooded. She was stacking everything she could get her paws on against the entrance and hoping it would hold until the rain stopped.

But her barricade did not hold. The powerful waters pushed past the rocks and started filling the burrow. The mother barely pushed her joeys out of the water’s way, but she couldn’t save herself.

She started floating far away from her home with a tree root she barely grabbed onto. Seconds felt like years until she saw a glimmer of hope and managed to throw herself into a cave. Just as she was breathing a sigh of relief, the ground she stood on collapsed and she started to fall.

This is what our character went through before she found herself tumbling down a cave she didn’t recognize. Could she reach her joeys? Because she knew it too, they couldn’t survive too long without their mother, especially in this rain.


You can find our press kit here.